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My QuarterReads stories

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For those who don’t know, QuarterReads is a site where readers can buy short stories for only a quarter. What’s great for the authors of these stories is that $0.22 goes to the author. Usually, it seems like for other sites the pay ratio is the opposite of that. In addition, if you really enjoyed a story, you can tip the author $0.25, $0.50, or $1.00. If you are interested in reading great short stories – and helping out their authors – I highly recommend you checking out QuarterReads. This may be a bit biased, but here are six stories I suggest you take a look at. 😀

No Longer Number One

Offers one possibility of what it will be like after the aliens arrive.

It’s Harder Than It Looks

A ghostly little story about writing.

Double Trouble

How can a Presidential assassination be bigger news when it fails?

Invisible Strings

What’s the worst thing that can happen after learning you’ll be President some day?

Community Improvement

What happens when politicians decide to use time travel?

Bitter Medicine

A scifi author’s worst nightmare; when the alien invasion they write about, comes true.

Ebook sale!

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On December 25th and 26th, ten of my ebooks will be FREE to download to the Kindles that Santa brought you.  Together, they contain 144 short stories and 10 essays that can all be yours for the price of a click.  To learn more about each one, check out my Amazon Author Page.

Happy Holidays.

Check out my Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales!

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If you are buying a Kindle for someone this holiday season – or just buying one for yourself – wouldn’t it be a good idea to have some preloaded ebooks on it?  Instead of putting out more money to buy these ebooks, you can find some that are free to download.  For example, on Black Friday, you’ll be able to download these ebooks of mine:


They are, A Man of Few Words, Political Pies, Brain for Rent and other stories, The All-You-Can-Read Buffet, and Lonely Phoenix.

On Cyber Monday, these ebooks of mine will be free:


They are The Only Certainty, The Most Powerful Man in the World and other stories, Rise, and Duty.

So check them out and add them to your gift, or just keep them for yourself.  😀

30 Stories in 30 Days #12 – “In a Rut”

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In a Rut

“Have you ever thought there should be more to life?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, we arrive at a planet with primitive lifeforms on it, kill everything, rip away all the resources we want, then return to the ship and go to the next planet and do it all over again.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Well, nothing, but what’s the point?  Why go through all of that if our reward is just … mere existence?”

“Well, what would you rather do?”

“I don’t know.  I’ve never done anything else, so I don’t know what else I could do.”

“So, you what to do something we don’t normally do?”

“Exactly.  Like, I don’t know, let’s not kill everything on the next planet we go to.”

“What?  Then why go there?”


“I mean, why spend all the time going to another planet if we don’t kill everything on it?”

“I … I don’t know.”

“See.  Just stop being stupid.”

30 Stories in 30 Days #7 – “Bad Scifi is Universal”

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Bad Scifi is Universal

With his lower hands, GleTha spread the branches of the bril exposing the central trunk.  Several kass grubs were attached to the trunk sucking on the sap.  Using the claws on his upper left hand, GleTha plucked the fattest grub and returned with it to the living space.  He closed all of his eyes and was just about to eat the grub to savor the chilling effect it had on the mind, when his mate oThen walked in.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

His arms sagged and GleTha replied, “I don’t want to think right now.  Thinking only reminds me of my shame.”

oThen walked over and knocked the grub from his hand.  “You should have thought of your shame before writing such insanities.”

“I was trying to do something important.”

“Wasting resources is important?  Having your sanity questioned is important?  Destroying any chance of you being considered a literary figure among our people is important?”

GleTha raised up on his back legs.  “No.  What was important is it has been over ten generations since our invasion forces have been defeated.  And that was against the VIRT.  Since then, we have only invade planets without intelligent life or with the most primitive of intelligences.  But some have forgotten the lessons we learned from the VIRT.  They think that because our forces have been unstoppable for ten generations, nothing can stop us.  There are some who even think we should go to war with the VIRT again.  I wanted to show that we need to be careful.  Just because we have been undefeated in ten generations does not mean we can’t be defeated.”

Rising up on her back legs, oThen replied, “That may have been your intent, but why did you have to make our forces act so stupidly?  Any hatchling knows that if there is any chance the primitive intelligence could offer resistance, our battleships would bombard the planet from orbit.  But what do you write?  You have our troops land in the center of the native’s population center and try to kill them individually.  Why would anyone be that stupid?”

“The issue wasn’t the specifics of the battle, but our overreliance on our superior technology being the decisive factor.”

“But who would cut off three arms before going into battle?  If – for whatever reason – they couln’t use the plasma cannons on the battleships, then unleash a plague to decimate the native population.  Redirect asteroids to impact the planet.  Do something other than dropping down to the native’s primitive level and fighting claw to claw.

“And worse,” oThen continued, “you have our troops leaving in shame after defeat.  You talk of forgetting the lessons of the VIRT, but after our first invasion force was destroyed, did we slink away in shame?”

GleTha dropped down to all fours.  “No.”

“That’s right,” oThen stated.  “We sent a second invasion force, and a third, and a fourth.  Our ancestors knew that if they did not wipe out this powerful enemy they could turn around and wipe us out later.  The VIRT destroyed seventeen invasion forces before our leaders admitted defeat.  Yet you write about leaders admitted defeat after only one invasion force had been destroyed.”

oThen dropped to all fours and said, “And you wonder why you have brought shame to our people.”

GleTha did not reply.

“My hatchmates were correct; I mated with an idiot.”

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