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Political Pies

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Everybody complains about politics, but does anyone do anything about it? My attempt to do something about it was to collect forty of my short stories with a political element into my Political Pies anthology. The stories are either politically neutral or equally condemning of the national parties. Instead of trying to sway you to one ideology or another, my goal is to just get people thinking about politics in the hopes a rose might grow out of all the political manure.

Here is an example of such a hopeful rose.

“Is That How it Works?”

“Next question.”

A middle-aged gentleman walked up to the microphone at the front of the auditorium. He cleared his throat, then said, “Senator, on the campaign trail you have often stated that the rich and powerful – both individual and corporate – should receive tax breaks because they are the job creators.”

“That’s correct.”

The man took a piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolded it. “Sir, I’ve been unemployed for twenty months now.” He held the piece of paper up so everyone could see it was a check. “This is the last of my life savings.” He tossed the check up onto the stage about ten feet from the candidate. “I give it to you so that you – as the nearest I’ll get to the rich and powerful – now have all of the money that matters to me. Now give me a goddamn job!”


If you are at all curious, then check out the page for Political Pies on my website to find out where you can find it.

The All-You-Can-Read Buffet

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The All-You-Can-Read Buffet is a collection of forty stories covering various genres and themes ranging from six to over 4,200 words in length. They also cover a wide time range. Some of these stories I began writing a decade ago, while others were written especially for this collection. All together, they are a buffet of my writing. As such, I encourage you to read as much as you want. Go back for seconds, thirds, fourths even. I won’t even mind if you skip over the stuff you don’t like, but, to quote your mother, “How do you know you don’t like it? Have you tried it?”

Here is a taste of what you’ll find within.

“Dark Anniversary”

With a dozen roses in hand, the man dressed all in black walked towards the tombstone. The lettering had already begun to fade, but the words were drilled into his brain: Edith Robyn Sommers, April 4, 1956 – June 14, 1975.

After a few moments of reflection, the man knelt and set the roses on her grave.

“You are so maudlin, Eric,” a voice said from the darkness.

Without turning, Eric said, “You never forget your first, Robert.”

Robert stepped from the shadows. “My first was just some peasant.”

“And after all these centuries you still remember that.”

Robert stood for a few seconds, then turned and disappeared.

Eric chuckled, then stood. He nodded to the tombstone and said, “Until next year, Edith.” He then spread his wings and flew into the night.


If you are at all curious, then check out the page for The All-You-Can-Read Buffet on my website to find out where you can find it.

The Dog Did What?

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pageToday’s the day.  Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Did What? is out today.  As you can see by the picture above, you can find my story “The Reluctant Host” on page 293.  And while it would be nice if you read mine first, I won’t mind if you take your time and read all 101.

I hope you’ll check it out, and I hope you enjoy.

I got a box of books yesterday

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So why did I receive ten copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Did What? (which will go on sale next month)?


Stephen L. Thompson’s March 2013 Newsletter

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Welcome to my electronic newsletter, covering March 2013.

* * *

My publication news for the past month:
Publication of my minianthology “The Most Powerful Man in the World and other stories” for Kindle.
Publication of my short story “Fighting Dirty” on my Ficly profile.
Publication of the stories “The Color of Possibilities” and “Rest in Peace” on my Figment profile.

* * *

This month I wrote 9,111 words giving me a yearly total so far of 30,755.  My goal this year is to write 120,000 words, so I am still on track for that.

* * *

It is the end of a quarter, which means it’s time to give you a photo of my story board.


I think the most interesting thing to see from the board are the stories in the upper left.  These are stories in search of someone to publish them.  And if I can’t find someone to publish them soon, I’ll self-publish them, either as stand alone stories or in a minianthology.  (All except DONOR, which I still have to title and have a writing group critique.)  I hope to have all those stories off the board by the end of the year.  Which means I need to start working on the stories in the top right which either need revised or finished, or the stories on the bottom which are mostly ideas.  Either way, I need to get to work.

* * *

The haiku for this month stems from a real – and somewhat unpleasant – experience.  Just look at the first word in the second line and the fourth word in the last line, and you should be able to figure it out.

black shape upon snow
dog barking – desperate run
air filled with skunk scent

“The Most Powerful Man in the World and other stories” promo

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The Most Powerful Man in the World2

This weekend, March 23rd and 24th, my latest five, scifi story minianthology “The Most Powerful Man in the World and other stories” will be free to download for Kindle.

I think that pretty much sums everything up.

“The Most Powerful Man in the World and other stories” is now out!

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The Most Powerful Man in the World2

One can assume that the cardinals chose today to start their conclave so that they can sit quietly and enjoy the latest ebook from Stephen L. Thompson.  One can assume that, but the more likely reason they started their work on finding the next Pope today is because they didn’t want to start on a Monday.

Anyway, here is the link to “The Most Powerful Man in the World and other stories” as well as the blurb for it.  Enjoy.

“The Most Powerful Man in the World and other stories” is a collection of five, short, scifi stories by Stephen L. Thompson to provide a sample of his writing.

A being from the distant future with almost unlimited powers comes back to help Ian Steele make the world a better place in “The Most Powerful Man in the World.” The bookstore customer has an entirely different reason for wanting books in “Black Market Books.” “Motherhood” tells the story of Thomas Gillespie, the surrogate mother for an AI.  “Storyteller” is about an author thinking his book into existence.  And “Deadworld” is about the alien world humans are reborn on – in alien bodies – after they die.

Excerpt from “The Most Powerful Man in the World”

“What happened?” Ian asked from the floor.

“You fainted.”

Ian sat up and looked around the empty room.  It was maybe fifteen feet on a side and painted a dull grey.  “Where am I?”

“A dimensional intrusion located within your living room wall.”


Pulling him to his feet, she explained, “Basically, it’s a space that can be as large,” here Karen threw her arms out and the walls zoomed away beyond sight, “or as small as I want.” She then drew her arms in and the two stood in a space the size of a phone booth.  The room returned to its original size and Karen stretched.  “But I think this is a good size.”

Ian spun around, trying to keep an eye on each of the walls as if they might sneak up and squish him.  “What the hell is this?”

Karen put her arm around him.  “Arthur C. Clarke once said that ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’” Shrugging, Karen stated, “This is magic.”


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This weekend I’m having a free promotion for the Kindle version of my third short story anthology Political Pies.  When I woke up, I checked on it and was happy to see that it was #17 in the list of their free political books.  So I sent out a tweet about it being #17 and all.  Afterwards, I decided I should check out the competition, which is when I saw this:

OhThe books on the left are the paid political Kindle books, while the seventeen on the right are the free ones.  At least I made the list.  😀


Announcing “The Most Powerful Man in the World and other stories”

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The Most Powerful Man in the World2

In a few days, I will be publishing my next Kindle minianthology, “The Most Powerful Man in the World and other stories.” When I do, I will make another post with a link to it as well as the blurb, but for now I want to show you the cover, designed by Sandra Giles of Words From Another World.  If that name sounds familiar, it’s because she also designed the cover of my story “Rise.”

Political Pies sequester sale!

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Last year, I decided to try to promote each of my books for a month, starting with my anthologies and moving on to my other stories.  So I’m working on promoting my third anthology – Political Pies – during the month of March, when everyone is sick of hearing about politics because of the sequester.  Joy.  Now part of my promotions are a weekend where people will be able to download the Kindle versions for free, and for Political Pies that will be on Saturday March 9th, and Sunday March 10th.  So why am I calling it a sequester sale?  Because.  😀  Did you really expect a serious answer?

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