Check out my story serials

I’m trying something new over on my Bubblews account, serial stories.  These are stories I try to post one or two sections to each week.  One reason for doing this is it forces me to write these stories.  These were stories I had started, but just never did much with.  But if I want to post something every week, I need to write.  Also, it’s a cheap way for me to get people to keep coming back to my Bubblews profile.  😀

The first story is Rediscovery.  I had been thinking of doing a serial story, but I couldn’t think of one.  Then I remembered my idea for Rediscovery which is written as a series of blog posting.  So each blog posting became a part.  The story is set 2025 where terrorists are using a new type of bomb that destroys brain tissue.  It normally just kills the victims, but the terrorist miswired his bomb and instead of killing people, it just wiped their memories.  The writer of the blogs is a survivor of the Memory Bombing who was an author of a popular YA fantasy pentology.  She begins the blog as therapy for coping with the bombing.  If that sounds interesting, you can start here with Part 1.

(As a note, I’m taking a break in the series figure out some plot points, but I’m planning on going back to posting a new part every Friday come December.)

My second serial story is The Erd Hunter.  The Erd Hunter is different than Rediscovery in that it is a Choose Your Adventure story.  You start on Page 1, but then the main character, Jonathon, is faced with a choice.  If you think he should do one thing, you go to Page 2, but if you think he should do something else, you go to Page 3.  If you choose correctly, Jonathon eventually ends up in a fantasy world where, surprise surprise, he ends up hunting these things called Erds.  This was something I’ve been thinking about for years, but after I started Rediscovery, I figured Bubblews would also be a good place for The Erd Hunter.  I try to post two pages a week, although that may change.  Right now the decision points come pretty quickly, but when he starts interacting with some of the characters in the fantasy world, there will be long conversations.

If either of those sounds interesting, I hope you’ll check them out.


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