Your thoughts on an ebook cover and blurb

(This was first published on Bubblews.)


I am in the process of polishing up a science fiction story I’m planning on self-publishing as a Kindle ebook. The image is my idea for the cover, and this is my working blurb of the story:

On The Day, for reasons still unknown, people began changing. They went to sleep as their old selves and woke in their beds in different bodies: bodies that had belonged to other people. And each time they fall asleep, they wake as someone new. Set months later, “The Only Certainty” follows Derrick Gorton on an average day in this new world as he deals with food shortages, the semi-collapse of society, and how to finish his latest novel.

If you’d be so kind, I’d love to hear your thoughts about these. Do they entice you, or leave you ho-hum?


One Response to “Your thoughts on an ebook cover and blurb”

  1. I love the title. I think I read a draft of this story and it was a great concept. I like the cover.

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