Stephen L. Thompson’s July 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to my electronic newsletter, covering July 2013.
* * *
My publication news for the past month:
* * *
This month I broke my streak.  I had written every day for 345 days until July 10.  There were several reasons for this.  When it’s really hot, I don’t feel like doing anything, which goes against me having so many things to do like picking blueberries.  But the main reason, is I was starting to burn out on writing.  I was writing every day, but I was doing it because I had to.  So I took a little vacation.  I haven’t stopped writing completely, but the last few days when I’ve written it’s been because I’ve wanted to write, not because I had to.  That works a lot better for me.  Hopefully, with some cooler weather, I should get back into the swing of writing in August.
Thanks to my vacation, this month I only wrote 1,360 words giving me a yearly total of 55,655.  If I still want to meet my goal of 120,000 words, I will have to get to work.
* * *
I’m always looking for new ways to spread the word about myself and my writing. The latest idea I came up with, was to ask that the readers of this post – if you’d be so kind – tweet out a message for me. The message being: “Check out Stephen L. Thompson’s Newsletter – #sltnews #writing” The #sltnews bit will let me see who tweets this. It’s an experiment, so we’ll see how it goes.
* * *
The other day I went into a coffee shop to do some writing, and this haiku just came out.
mug of steaming tea
an open notebook and pen
awaiting my muse

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