30 Stories in 30 Days #12 – “Woggy”



“Are things that bad?”

Anne swiveled her chair around to see her husband Tom leaning against the door frame.  “What?” she asked.

“I’ve been standing here for a couple minutes watching you stare blankly at your laptop.”

Anne glanced at her laptop and said, “It’s mocking me.”

With a drawn out, “Okay,” Tom stepped behind her and put his hands on her shoulders.  “How is your laptop mocking you?”

“It’s sitting there, ready to be typed on, but I can’t think of where to start.”

“The beginning,” Tom suggested.

Anne jabbed back with her elbow, but missed Tom’s leg.  “Funny.”

Tom rubbed her shoulders and asked, “What’s the real problem?”

Anne put her hands to her temples.  “There are so many words flying around in my head.  They all blend together into a soup.  It’s like driving through a fog.”

“A word fog?  A wog?”

Anne groaned.

Tom chuckled.  “Just as long as it’s not a … swog.  A smoky, word, fog.” Running his fingers through her hair he explained, “That would mean you’re burning some brain cells.”

Shaking her head, Anne said, “Perhaps I should take a break from trying to write and call a divorce lawyer.”

Tom kissed the top of her head.  “Are puns cause for a divorce?”

“They should be.”

“And with me out of your life, you can be all alone … with your mocking laptop?”

Anne just sighed.

“Come on.  Get up.”

After several prods, Anne slowly stood.  “Why?”

“You’re not going to do anything here until the wog lifts.  You need to get out into cleaner air if for no other reason than to help your mood.”

“What’s wrong with my mood?”

“It’s moody.”

Anne stared at Tom for a few seconds, then grabbed a pen and wrote something on a pad of paper she kept on her desk.  She then showed him that she had written “Puns = divorce!”

Tom smiled.  “Hey, you wrote something.”

One Response to “30 Stories in 30 Days #12 – “Woggy””

  1. I got this idea and started this story. Then I couldn’t think of a way to end it. Hopefully, you found what I came up with amusing.

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