Stephen L. Thompson’s March 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to my electronic newsletter, covering March 2013.

* * *

My publication news for the past month:
Publication of my minianthology “The Most Powerful Man in the World and other stories” for Kindle.
Publication of my short story “Fighting Dirty” on my Ficly profile.
Publication of the stories “The Color of Possibilities” and “Rest in Peace” on my Figment profile.

* * *

This month I wrote 9,111 words giving me a yearly total so far of 30,755.  My goal this year is to write 120,000 words, so I am still on track for that.

* * *

It is the end of a quarter, which means it’s time to give you a photo of my story board.


I think the most interesting thing to see from the board are the stories in the upper left.  These are stories in search of someone to publish them.  And if I can’t find someone to publish them soon, I’ll self-publish them, either as stand alone stories or in a minianthology.  (All except DONOR, which I still have to title and have a writing group critique.)  I hope to have all those stories off the board by the end of the year.  Which means I need to start working on the stories in the top right which either need revised or finished, or the stories on the bottom which are mostly ideas.  Either way, I need to get to work.

* * *

The haiku for this month stems from a real – and somewhat unpleasant – experience.  Just look at the first word in the second line and the fourth word in the last line, and you should be able to figure it out.

black shape upon snow
dog barking – desperate run
air filled with skunk scent

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