30,000 words!

For the last few weeks I’ve been feeling kinda blah and haven’t gotten much writing done.  Also, I finished the first draft of the story I’d been working on for a couple months, and I haven’t found another story to work on.  I have several projects, but none of them have fully grabbed me yet.  In this state I’ve even forgotten to do some things, like this week’s Wednesday Writing Prompt.  Sorry.  As some of you know, my goal this year is to write 120,000 words.  There were several times this month where I assumed I wouldn’t reach 30,000 words.  Fortunately, I was ahead enough from the previous months that I was able to hit my monthly goal and stay on track for the year.  Hopefully, warmer weather will bump me out of my funk, and one of my projects will grab ahold.  On to 40,000!


One Response to “30,000 words!”

  1. Hi Steve,

    This time of the year always puts me in a funk as well. Thanks for following my blog! And congratulations on hitting 30,000 words. I think that’s great!

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