Introducing Wednesday Writing Prompt

I used to put up short writing exercises as a Monday Writing Prompt on this other site, but for various reasons, I haven’t done it for a couple months.  And since it can take me a couple months to realize something, I just realized I should restart doing that here.  And the reason I’m doing Wednesday now instead of Monday, is I thought of this late on a Tuesday and didn’t feel like waiting.  So let’s begin.

You can read all you want about writing, but the real test is to actually write something.  Hence, a short exercise for those of you wanting to hone your craft.

Quick, compose a sentence using the words “winter” and “books.” Leave it as a comment.

3 Responses to “Introducing Wednesday Writing Prompt”

  1. Anna used books to heat her mind during long, cold, winter nights.

  2. I stuffed Winter when he died, balanced a book on his nose, and forgot that he couldn’t bark.

  3. I don’t like reading a book about winter in winter because I get twice as cold.

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