Stephen L. Thompson’s January 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to my electronic newsletter, covering January 2013.

* * *

My publication news for the past month:
Publication of my short story “Rise” on Kindle.

* * *

This month I wrote 10,038 words.  As I said last month, my goal this year is to write 120,000 words, so I am well on my way.

* * *

I wrote 10,000 words this month, putting me on track to meet my goal, but I’m a bit unhappy with my work.  I had hoped to put a lot of those words towards my novel None of Them Knew the Color of the Sky by writing a chapter a week.  However, I only managed to finish one chapter.  Most of the other words went towards a collection of essays “The Future is Coming” which is now about a third finished, as well as a still untitled story.  The untitled story started with an idea I had maybe a year ago and had been lounging in the back of my mind ever since.  But one night as I tried to fall asleep, I figured out how to start it.  And once I started it, I kept going.  I don’t fully know where it’s going, so I don’t know how done I am with it.  Now you may be wondering why I’m unhappy getting work done on two projects.  The reason is, I wanted to get more work done on my other projects.  Something I didn’t say in my last newsletter was that I starting counting all the stories, anthologies, and other writing things I wanted to do this year.  I started, but stopped when I hit thirty.  And that untitled story, wasn’t one of them.  Some days it feels like if I wrote 10,000 words a day, I’d still be backlogged.  On that happy note .…

* * *

I wrote this month’s haiku last minute.  I have problems with my internet connection, especially when it’s cold and windy.  I don’t know if others have the same problem, so I made a change for the haiku.

blustering wind strikes
fear into all before it –
might knock cable out

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