Story idea give away

I have a lot of story ideas.  So many in fact, that – unless I start writing 10,000 words a day or live to be 900 – I will never write all of them.  So what am I supposed to do?  I think most of my story ideas are interesting and should be written, and if I can’t write them then someone else should.  Therefore, I’ve decided that I should start writing up some of the ideas I know I’ll never write and put them out there for other people.  All I ask is that if you do take one of my ideas and run with it, consider acknowledging where the idea came from.  Of course, unless your story becomes a blockbuster movie, I may never hear of it, but giving me a sliver of credit would be the decent thing to do.  😀

The reason I won’t be writing the story to this first idea I’m giving away is because I see it as a scifi courtroom drama and I would need to do a vast amount of legal research just to make it mediocre.  Someone with a passion for courtroom dramas could – hopefully – make something of this.

The idea came about during the start of the big vampires, werewolves, and zombies movement where it seemed every other book dealt with one of them.  I was trying to invent a new monster that would relate to modern society, but I got a little sidetracked.  In the world this idea is set in, there is a condition that begins to affect people.  Either there is a mutation and the electrical activity in their brains becomes a jamming signal for nearby electronics, or more likely, there is some glitch in the human brain/cyborg implants communication that sets up a jamming signal for nearby electronics.  Basically, these people remain healthy and their cyborg implants work perfectly, but they can cause problems for other people.  It is very rare, but also very concerning.  But there is a very simple test to see if someone is a jammer: you build a delicate circuit that powers a little light and you wear it in a headband.  It may not be illegal not to wear a headband, but you’d be ostracized.

Now, my story idea.  A teacher inputs something in the holographic chalk board and turns around to look at the class.  One of the student’s lights has gone out.  The teacher freaks out and rushes the other students away from the “infected” one.  But the child isn’t one of these jammers.  When you make billions of small headband lights, regardless of how high your quality control, a few bad ones will make it out.  The kid just got a bad light.  But, because the teacher overreacted and the other students pick on him just because, his parents sue to school.  And that’s where my idea ends because I don’t know all the legal ins and outs that would develop from such a case.  This wasn’t the origin of the idea, but think of how kids with AIDS treated in classrooms twenty years ago.

It’s not much of an idea, but if someone can make something of it, then the best of luck.


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