Stephen L. Thompson’s July 2012 Newsletter


Welcome to my electronic newsletter, covering July 2012.

* * *

My publication news for the past month:

Publication of my short story “Lucas Witnesses” on my Ficly profile.

* * *

This month I wrote 4,226 words, giving me a yearly total so far of 57,704.

Because I was traveling and didn’t have that much time to be on a computer, there were nine days in July where I did not write.  That means I only have five free, no-writing days left this year.  That means I’ll basically have to write every day for the rest of the year, which was the point of this exercise.

* * *

Here is my story board at the end of July:

* * *

When I started these newsletters, I figured if I included a story with each one it would make it more interesting as well as prompting me to write a story.  But over the years, it has become more of a burden with me either not having the time to write a story or forgetting.  Last month I said I needed to think on this, and I’ve decided to stop writing stories for my newsletter.  I will, in an attempt to keep these somewhat interesting, change over to writing haiku.  In the past, if I didn’t have a story, I’d whip out a haiku, so this isn’t an entirely new thing.




snow covered mountains

beautiful – but camera

battery is dead

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