Thoughts on free ebook promotion

Over the last two weekends, people were able to download the Kindle versions of my first two anthologies, A Man of Few Words and The All-You-Can-Read Buffet, for free.  In two weekends, I gave away far more copies of the electronic version of my books than I have been able to sell of the print version in over two years.  I’m sure you can understand how that left me feeling a tad confused.  I’m happy that many more people now have copies of my books.  However, there is a high probability that these copies will just sit in their Kindles, never to be read.  I admit I have downloaded several ebooks during free promotions, but I’ve only read a couple.  I think most people who have bought the print version of my book have actually read it, why else shell money out for it?  But is there strong enough sentiment to read an ebook you downloaded for free?


One Response to “Thoughts on free ebook promotion”

  1. I think they’ll read them eventually. The great thing about books is that they are always there waiting.

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