Stephen L. Thompson’s May 2012 Newsletter


Welcome to my electronic newsletter, covering May 2012.

* * *

My publication news for the past month:


* * *

This month I wrote 8,235 words, giving me a yearly total so far of 45,633, meaning, I’m well over halfway to my goal of 80,000 words this year.

I wrote every day in May, so I still have seventeen free days when I don’t have to write.  And I may need them in the beginning of June, because I’ve picked up something and there will probably be a couple days when I won’t feel up to writing.

I did manage to write one chapter for my novel None of Them Knew the Color of the Sky, but I don’t know how much of that I will get done in June.  My main goal for June is to finish the first draft of my next story collection Political Pies.  My hope is to self-publish that in October.  I’m sure I’ll have more on that next month

* * *

Here is my story board at the end of May:

* * *

I wanted to write a story for this month, but it felt like the month ended sooner than I expected.  I did, however, manage to write a stupid little haiku, so I wasn’t completely slacking.  😀


air conditioning

chills my brain – freezing ideas

writer’s block of ice

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