30 Stories in 30 Days #20 – “Backup”


“I don’t understand why you fight me on this.”

Jacob shrugged.  “I just don’t like it.”

His mother shook her head.  “It’s a simple procedure you do everyday like brushing your teeth and taking a shower.” After a pause, she asked, “You do brush your teeth everyday, don’t you?”


“Well, come on then.  If you didn’t fight me this would take less time than brushing your teeth.”

Unable to argue with her, Jacob followed his mother to the family’s backup unit with his head hanging low.  He sat in the thought transfer chair without looking up at the wall.  There, three clear cases held the family’s backup brains which just floated in their special goo and reminded Jacob of fat, boring fish.

As his mother attached the electrodes to his head, she said, “You’re twelve years old.  Most kids your age are backing up their thoughts without being scolded by their mothers.  I don’t know why you have to be so difficult.”

“But what’s the point?”

“What’s the point?  When I was your age, we didn’t have blank brains to backup our thoughts into.  A boy I went to school with fell off his bike and hit his head suffering massive brain damage.  He was in a coma for fifteen years before his family turned off his life support equipment.  I wouldn’t want that happening to you.”

Jacob frowned.  That sounded exactly like the story his friend Angela’s father told her.  “What was his name?” Jacob asked.


“The boy who hit his head?”

His mother was just about to flip the switch, but she paused for a few seconds.  “Mike,” she finally said, and threw the switch.

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  1. It was 11:00 PM on the 20th and I only had nineteen stories. Could I write another story in an hour to stay on track with my 30 Stories in 30 Days? Turns out, I didn’t need that much time: I wrote this in half-an-hour. Not bad.

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