30 Stories in 30 Days #15 – “If Only It Were That Easy”

If Only It Were That Easy

Once all the members of the Walla Walla Writers had assembled, Bob stood and announced, “This week I have made a fantastic discovery about writing, something you all should know.”

The quiet murmuring of the other writers died as they awaited this major announcement.

Bob did not keep them waiting.  “In this group we have often discussed how we have a plethora of story ideas, but we just can’t seem to get them out onto paper.  I have identified one of the culprits.” He then held up a pen.  “For years I wrote with ballpoint pens such as this one, but about a week ago, I realized something.  As you all know, I write mostly science fiction, so I’m writing about aliens, and starships and other planets.  And I realized, how is all that those supposed to fit through the tiny ball point?”

Bob changed his hold on the pen to emphasize the tiny tip and showed it to all the other members.  “I think the problem I was having,” he continued, “is that all my ideas filled up the pen and clogged it so they couldn’t come out.  So what’s the solution?”

Still holding the pen, Bob drew a thick pencil from his pocket.  “My daughter is in kindergarten and they use these giant pencils because it’s easier for the kids to hold them.  Well, I stole a couple from her and have been writing with them.  And let me tell you, it’s still a tight squeeze for my alien worlds to fit through this, but they’re not trapped as easily.  Since I changed to these big pencils, my word production has gone way up.  So if your ideas are clogging up your pens, I suggest you find your own supply of giant pencils.”

As Bob sat down, the other writers applauded, and a few even offered to buy the giant pencil from him.  He politely told them to buy their own.

One Response to “30 Stories in 30 Days #15 – “If Only It Were That Easy””

  1. I’ve known for years that I have more ideas than I’ll ever write. But after writing “Bottomless Pit,” the image of something clogging my creative outlet came to mind. Now, I probably write 95% of my stuff on the computer, but I can and will write with a pen. So, naturally, I assumed if something was clogging my creative outlet it must be the pen point. It’s obvious if you think about it. So I just whipped up this silly little story.

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