30 Stories in 30 Days #13 – “Bound to Happen”

Bound to Happen

“Tom I’m standing here at the Moore Valley High School where beloved biology teacher Jason McHenry was shot and killed earlier this afternoon.  Police have the suspect in custody and have identified him as Gregory Brewer.  For the past five years Mister Brewer has waged, what some have called, a personal war against the school district for its teaching of evolution.  Last May, Mister Brewer even tried to debate Mister McHenry over the merits of evolution, but the school district would not allow the debate when they learned of some violent comments made by Mister Brewer on his blog.  Comments such as, ‘Anyone teaching the satanic myth of evolution deserves the one-way ticket to the everlasting hellfire that awaits them.’

“At this time, the police are unwilling to guess at Mister Brewer’s motives, but it seems likely that Mister McHenry’s teaching evolution to his students will be one of them.”

One Response to “30 Stories in 30 Days #13 – “Bound to Happen””

  1. I had planned on this being the third story I wrote for this challenge, but then there was that school shooting in California, so I set this aside until now.
    Basically – if it hasn’t already happened – I predict the day will come when religious nut jobs, in addition to shooting abortion doctors, will start shooting biology teachers.

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