100 days of writing

I have written every day since December 1st!  That means that – as of my writing a few sentences shortly after midnight – today marks the 100th day straight that I’ve written.  In that time, I’ve written a total of 22,627 words.  Not bad.  And I’ll most likely write a few hundred more before the end of the day.  I almost want to say “On to 200,” but next month I’ll be doing my 30 Stories in 30 Days Challenge, and while I’ll probably write every day in April, I’ll most likely need to take a few days off in the beginning of May.


5 Responses to “100 days of writing”

  1. Can’t wait to speak with you – SKYPE me? You know my usual handle, I believe 🙂 Blog-sharing ideas for you, you may want to use some yourself, and I wish to learn what you do as well.

  2. Writing every day for 100 days is a wonderful accomplishment. I wish I could get more disciplined, but I tend to take off a day or two every week.

  3. I think you should keep going. I’ve written every day since Jan 2, 2010, and because of my streak, it has yielded 3.8 novels and one non-fiction book.

    There are days I don’t want to write, but I still manage to get my 500 – 1000 words up, just to keep going. Stay with it, you won’t regret it. And there isn’t any reason you can’t put your stories up as your posts.

  4. […] I mentioned last month, March 9th marked my 100th day of writing!  However, about two weeks later there was a day where I didn’t write anything because I was […]

  5. […] until the election – I will have written every day for 100 days, something I haven’t done since March.  Back then I did hit 144 days straight of writing, so I’ll try to beat […]

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