Grammar, who needs it?

If you’re like me, you usually ignore the ads on the side of the screen when you’re on Facebook.  But one caught my eye today, and then I saw a second good one.  What I first saw was the headline, “Learn he is not roman.” My first thought was, “Are you from Rome?” “No.” “You’re not Roman.” 😀  But then I read the rest of the ad.  And then I read two ads down.  The Doctor Who/Peanuts one is okay.


One Response to “Grammar, who needs it?”

  1. drivelology Says:

    Gee that’s horrible. Like you, I never look at the Facebook ads either. Because of your post, I will forever be checking them to discover any ridiculous wording – a bit like when someone tells you not to think of an elephant and you think of an elephant!

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