Failure of the Memory Sock

Like most writers, I often have ideas as I’m failing asleep. When that happens, we have a choice of either getting up, turning on a light, and writing it down, or hope we remember it in the morning. For a while I kept a notebook and pen by my bed to jot ideas down in the dark, but unfortunately, my handwriting is barely legible when I’m awake, wearing my glasses, and in a lighted room. The next morning I’d often look at the ink scrawled across the page and have no clue what was written. But hoping to remember your idea doesn’t always work, because you sometimes forget to remember something. To counter that problem, I began using the Memory Sock. The way this works is I took a sock with a hole in it and laid it on the floor where I could easily reach it. If I’m just about to fall asleep and have a great idea, I just feel around for the sock and toss it out into the middle of the floor. The next morning, I see the sock and my memory is jogged. Sometimes.

About a week ago, I was just about asleep when I had an idea. So I tossed the sock out into the room. I saw it there the next morning, remember the idea, but didn’t write it down. The sock then became buried under other clothes. A few nights later, I had a dream that I could turn into a story. But the sock wasn’t within reach. So the next morning I found the sock and wrote down the original idea. But after several days of trying to jog my memory, I cannot remember what the dream was I could turn into a story. It’s really bumming me out.


3 Responses to “Failure of the Memory Sock”

  1. My fellow writer, your sock system sucks! There is no other way of saying this.

    Lol Lacey…

    A much betther system is…PANTIES! If I wake up th next morning pantiless and I can feel there is no “good” reason for that state of undress 🙂 then I look around and once I spot them on the floor…VOILA! Instant recall…ofcourse, that only works if I actually put ON the paties to go to bed so I have them to take OFF when my brain decides to have a brillian t idea in the middle of the night!

  2. The funniest thing is that the sock ever worked in the first place. That is hilarious.

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