30 Stories in 30 Days Update

I mentioned in a previous post having had some thoughts about my 30 Stories in 30 Days Challenge.  But first, I know it’s a few months late, but I did enjoy the change I made this year of posting my stories to my blog instead of my website.  It was easier for me and I’m going to continue doing that.  Now the change I’ll make starting next year is the time of the challenge.  Back in 2008 I came up with the idea of writing thirty stories in as many days sometime in late June or July.  So the next thirty day month was September, which is when I held my challenge for the first time.  Back then I was also trying to get my Reader’s Choice going (which never really got off the ground) but I didn’t want to have these major writing things going on so close together.  So in 2009 I moved my Challenge to June.  But now I think I’ll rotate through the months.  Next year, I’ll hold the Challenge in April, in 2013 it will be in June, 2014 September, and November in 2015.  I’ll see how I like that, then see if I want to make further changes.

One thing I still need to work on is fulfilling part of the original plan for my Challenge.  In the beginning, one of the reasons I wanted to do this was to force myself to finish stories I had ideas for but never did anything with.  Before the Challenge, I’d make out a list of these ideas I want to write.  What usually happens, however, is I write a few of them and then finish off the rest of the month with ideas I think of that month.  Of the nineteen stories I wrote for this year’s 30 Stories in 30 Days Challenge, only three – “Unkilling Your Grandfather,” “Mercy,” and “From Out of Town” – were from old ideas.  And “From Out of Town” I took in a completely different direction than I had intended.  I could still use the original idea.  So my plan of using the Challenge to clear out my idea box, needs some work.  What usually happens is, I have the list, but then I fall behind and I end up just whipping something together.  But next year I should have more time, so maybe I can stick to my list better.  I guess you’ll have to come back in April and see what I do.


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