Why do I write Science Fiction?

Basically, that’s what I like.  I read science fiction, I watch science fiction shows and movies, hell, most of the ideas I come up with are science fiction, that’s why I write so much of it.  But since that’s too simple an answer, here’s something a little more deeper, for when I’m famous enough to be a tad pompous.  😀

Several years ago I came up with a saying that sums up the most basic truth I know: Humanity has but two choices, evolution or extinction.  We could become extinct by killing ourselves, getting hit by an asteroid, a plague, etc.  We will evolve if we go out into space.  Somewhere in setting up bases across the solar system, traveling to other stars, contacting aliens, we’ll stop being humdrum Homo sapiens.  Whether we’ll just become a new species, upload our minds to computers and explore with robotic bodies, something we can even conceive of, or all of the above, I believe it will happen.  I think it should happen.  And I’ve come to believe that my purpose in life is to push humanity on the path of evolution.  Even if I only push us a millimeter, that’s one millimeter less the next person will have to push. 

How does that tie into science fiction?  There is an entire universe out there full of wonders we can’t even imagine.  What I do with my writing – when I fall into delusions of grandeur – is to show the wonders I can imagine to try to turn people away from the insignificant, mundane crap of Who Wants to Marry a Pig Farmer or whatever, to the unbelievable majesty of the universe.  Of course, if I just preached that message few would ever hear it.  Instead I have to slip it in something more entertaining.  I’ll let you know if it works.


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