30 Stories in 30 Days #19 – “Backwater”



“Scan local radio frequencies.”

“Why even bother?” Larrg asked.

Jiaj clacked her beak.  “You’ll never know what you’ll find.”

What they found was a screech that ruffled both their feathers.  Larrg muted the system.  Shaking himself he said, “Is there any sector in this galaxy that isn’t polluted with Zy’glog?”

“Apparently,” Jiaj replied, “it sounds a lot better if you listen to it under water.  So blame all the aquatic species.” She then told the system to find the next frequency.

This turned out to be – once it was run through translator – a call to worship some deity named Bcp.  Larrg’s beak hung open.  “I almost prefer the Zy’glog to this nonsense.”

Jiaj didn’t reply, and just told the system to search again.  The third signal it detected played a slow, stuporous melody.

“This is something Sigaow’s close to death listen to,” Larrg stated.

Jiaj folded her wings and turned the system off.  “Maybe we should just stop at the next sector market and buy a couple Jikols.”

Larrg smoothed the feathers on his head.  “Now you’re talking.”

One Response to “30 Stories in 30 Days #19 – “Backwater””

  1. There’s a CD stuck in my player, so on my drives home (across a good portion of Pennsylvania) I have to listen to my radio. Unfortunately, there are some places where the only stations that come in are Bible thumpers, staticicy classical, and crappy rock. Being me, I went from my experience to that of aliens.

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