30 Stories in 30 Days #9 – “Mercy”



Turning a page, Tom muttered, “A ‘time travel maze.’ What the hell was that?”

“As I recall, it came from a dream where a man was trapped in a dimensional maze where he kept meeting older and younger versions of himself.”

Tom groaned.  “That’s helpful.” After a moment’s thought he added, “It’s interesting, but I don’t remember what I was going to do with it, if anything.” With a sigh, he put an ‘X’ next to that story idea.

He silently read through the next few in the list, vaguely recalling how – when they were new – he had thought they were great ideas.  But since he had far more ideas than he could write, they had only been added to “The List” of stories to be written later.  Now, years later as he read through it looking for a story he could write, all he felt was shame.  All these potentially great stories doomed to suffer a slow death imprisoned in a notebook.

At the bottom of the page, Tom read, “Which side will you be on when the aliens take over the world?”

“I believe that was a bumper sticker you saw once.”

“What the hell was I going to do with that?” Tom asked.

“How should I know?”

“Aren’t you my muse?”

“Yes, but I just give you the spark of an idea.  You’re the one who has to make something of it.”

Tom sighed.  “Yes, you give me all these ‘sparks’ that just sit around in this notebook until I’ve forgotten all about them and I end up mercy killing them.”

Tom’s muse smiled.

One Response to “30 Stories in 30 Days #9 – “Mercy””

  1. I was going through my story idea notebook, trying to find something quick I could write since I was a few stories behind. Along the way I mercy killed a couple of the ideas. I guess my muse smiled at that.

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