Too clever for my own good

I’m working on a story about a writer. He has a list of all his unfinished projects including “titles without ideas.” This is based on my own experience of coming up with a great title, and then having to write a story to it. Well, for the story, I came up with the title Starship Vampyr. That would have been great if I could have just left it in the story. But mere moments after coming up with Starship Vampyr I thought, What story would fit that title? Dammit. Yes, I finished a short story, but now I have to think about something much longer, possible even a novel. Dammit.


One Response to “Too clever for my own good”

  1. I have that problem too at times. I have a list of titles in my idea book waiting for me to write a story to go with them. Don’t be afraid to write a novel. I started out writing short stories but quickly transitioned to novels because I can get deeper into the stories, more involved with the characters etc.

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