Why did I have to wake up?

This morning – as I groggily dreaded my alarm going off – I had a fantastic idea for a story.  It began with a being (who I called the puppet-master) takes human form in order to get a closer view of his human puppets.  What the puppet-master failed to realize was that the humans had turned the tables and the puppets were now controlling the puppet-master.  In my humble opinion, the storyline was exquisite in its brilliance.

Then my alarm went off and I began the slow, uphill battle to full consciousness.  Once I was fully awake, I thought back to my brilliant idea and realized there were a few, minor, plot holes.  For example, how did the humans turn the tables on the puppet-master?  They … just do.  Who cares about details?

I spent the day wondering how many exquisitely brilliant ideas have shriveled in the light of day, or sobriety.


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