Sometimes, it sucks to have written so many stories

I keep a small notebook in my coat pocket in case I need to jot down an idea for a story.  At some point, I transfer this over to my regular writing notebook.  Recently, while I was transferring stuff over, I saw an idea I had for a novel.  I had completely forgotten about this novel, but everything came back when I saw the note.  That depressed me because it’s a great idea, but because with my 8,000+ other projects, I’ll probably never get around to writing it.  Now, as an example of why I have 8,000+ projects, as I felt sorrow for this story that will never be written, I thought, That could work as a story.  I thought about it for maybe ten seconds before I realized I’d already written a story like that.


One Response to “Sometimes, it sucks to have written so many stories”

  1. oh SNAP! So the notebook is good for memory, but the really good ideas ARE thought of more than once. Guess it was a really good idea!

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