Getting back to writing

Just over a week ago, I decided to take a break from writing.  I’ve been reading, relaxing, critiquing, and I came up with an idea for a novel.  But I didn’t do any writing until today.  After work I went to my local coffee shop and started writing the main speech from “If I Had the Powers of a God,” a long, short story I’m working on.  The main reason I started writing this is because it has been on my mind – for years – and I’m sure  “If I Had the Powers of a God” will be a fun story to write.  It’s a scifi geek’s dream.  All sorts of scifi stuff shows up in it.  A TARDIS, a Terminator, Borg, an Alien, a Predator, a Vorlon, a Shadow, a bat’Leth, a denn’bok, a sonic screwdriver, even a Monolith.  It’s not scifi, but I even make a Lord of the Rings reference.  There will be so many things in it, that it’s just fun.  And I think that was what was missing in my writing these past few months.  And this was a good way to get back into it.


One Response to “Getting back to writing”

  1. Good for you Steve! Now I need to do the same thing.

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