Too many options, too little writing

One of my many current projects is working on another collection of short stories.  In addition to that, I also want to work on submitting stories to magazines.  Most are online and only pay in exposure, but some do pay money.  😀

Speaking of exposure, to increase mine I set out to write a flash/short story each month for my Ficly profile, for the Wordwrights blog, for my Enjoying Scifi blog, as well as my monthly Newsletter.  Now, in the past two weeks, I’ve learned about and set up a profile, I’ve heard about Authortrek and am looking into setting up a profile there, and I’ve learned of Barnes & Nobles Pubit! and I’m looking into selling my stories there.

So, I basically need to write … a lot.  I’ve done it before, but it does wear one out.


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