Writing dreams

The other day as I was reading, I came to a section where one of the main characters had a dream about an old lover morphing into someone else.  It reminded me of a problem I have with dreams in stories, basically, they seem too normal.  I mean, I have dreams where monkeys with robotic arms show up. I think my problem is that most of my dreams are weird and don’t make any sense once I’m awake.  For example, I had a dream where I was on a plane in the air and then turned and walked into a large auditorium.  In the dream, I didn’t notice anything weird about that.  But if I try to explain it now, it seems so stupidly fanciful.  I think that’s the problem I have with dreams in stories, they are used to advance the story or delve into a characters desires, but they’re written while awake.  Their cheap, imitation dreams.

Does anyone else have this problem, or do I just have really bizarre dreams?


2 Responses to “Writing dreams”

  1. I used to have dreams like that, but the logical part of my brain took over, pointed out how it wouldn’t work, and why.

  2. I agree with you. My dreams are the same way. They are logical, but that’s not the same logic as reality. That’s the problem with things like “Inception”. I have tried to write down dreams as well, but they do not work within the storytelling conventions. Nevertheless I think it is worthwhile to write down your dreams frequently. Perhaps certain elements can be adapted into a later story, or you can figure out a way to mold a dream into something more substantial. Perhaps, your brain will get used to dreaming coherent stories after a while.

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