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A Man of Few Words Video

Posted in Books, humor, Odds, Writing on July 31, 2010 by oneoveralpha

Even before I finished my book, I was thinking of how I could spread the word.  One of the ideas I had was to make a short video.  Great idea, but I never got around to it.  Until now.  Since it wasn’t going to be professional, I figured it should be cheesy and a tad stupid.  Enjoy.


This heat sucks

Posted in Odds, Writing on July 25, 2010 by oneoveralpha

I’m a cold weather person.  I start feeling miserable when it gets above, say, 70.  So day after day after day of 90+ weather just kills me.  What makes it worse – and the reason I’m putting this in my writing blog – is that when it’s this hot, I have no motivation to write.  I sit in front of my computer and just … maybe I’ll play Kenken.


Help me get on Kindle

Posted in Books, Stories, Writing on July 17, 2010 by oneoveralpha

My book is on, but it’s not on Kindle, yet.  Help me get it on Kindle.  All you need to do, is go to the Amazon page for A Man of Few Words, and click on the “I’d like to read this book on Kindle” link.  Your help would be most appreciated.

Outdoor writing

Posted in Writing on July 7, 2010 by oneoveralpha

Every time I go home for a visit, I usually take three or four books I want to finish and a dozen or so stories I want to critique, revise, or finish.  Of course, if I’m lucky, I may end up doing a tenth of what I’d planned.  My trip home for the Fourth was no exception, however, I did find a new place to work on writing.

In a shady part of our backyard, there’s a fire ring.  We’d start a fire in it in the morning, and keep it going until the evening.  We’d cook lunch and dinner over it and afterward just sit around laughing at the antics of my niece.  Well, the evening of the Fourth, everyone else had left or were inside and I was sitting by the fire alone.  With the cool breeze, crackle of the fire, smell of wood smoke, I didn’t want to leave.  Even being buzzed by hummingbirds was entertaining.  But I knew I should get some stories critiqued.  Do that out here, I thought.  What a wonderful idea.  So I ran in and got the stories and took them outside and critiqued and revised by the fire until it grew too dark.  Then I sat and listened to distant fireworks.  It was a good day.

A first

Posted in Stories, Website, Writing on July 2, 2010 by oneoveralpha

I think about writing every day, and most days I’ll go to a coffee shop and jot down ideas in my writing notebook or revise stories.  But I keep track of how much I write by using the word count whenever I type up my stories.  I record how many words I write each day in a little calendar.  Well, look at what I did in June:

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve “written” something every day.  True, some days I was burned out and only wrote a sentence, but it counted.  I’d like to continue doing that, but I mushed my brain.

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