Lots of book news

As I’ve previously blogged, I ordered 50 copies of my book A Man of Few Words.  Overjoyed, I flipped through them when they arrived and thought they looked wonderful.  Then, about a week ago I received an email saying that the books “did not print on white paper as expected,” and CreateSpace was “working as quickly as possible to print a replacement order.” I went, Really? I flipped open a book and thought, I guess that isn’t white, but I hadn’t noticed.  However, whenever I made changes to my book or made an order, an email went to my CreateSpace account as well as my regular email.  But this email only came to my regular address, which made me question its legitimacy.  So I pretty much forgot about, but when I came home today there was a box waiting for.  With 50 more of my books.  Printed on white paper.

Now I can definitely see the difference.  Of course this means the original 50 books are now collector’s items.  😛

In other book news, I sold one on Amazon!  Counting the one I sold to a friend last week, I’ve sold a total of two!  And now I have 50 more to sell.


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