Books, Books, and More Books

On Thursday May 6, I finalized my book A Man of Few Words. The first thing I did was order a book for my mom, and then ordered 50 for myself. My mom received her book on Monday, which was a bit of a surprise for her. When I checked on my order of 50 it was listed as still “Queued for Production.” I figured that they are probably used to printing one or two at a time, and not 50 so it would take them a day or two to get all of them printed. But even last Thursday evening, when I checked, it was still listed at “Queued for Production.” I began to feel that was a tad worrisome. Why is it taking so long? So I was pleasantly surprised last night when I came home from work to find a slip in my mailbox from the Post Office saying I had three packages to pick up. Apparently, for whatever reason, the “Queued for Production” was never changed to “Shipped.” This morning I went to the Post Office, and I now have my 50 books.

Let the mayhem begin.


2 Responses to “Books, Books, and More Books”

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