Always writing

I can’t dream about porn without writing about it. Let me explain.

This morning I had a dream that started as in a class of high school delinquents. (I’m not entirely sure what I was doing there. :D) Anyway, people had been leaving offensive messages on this bulletin board and this guy – I think he was a cop – was in talking about it. The third or fourth message down was about some woman getting her bunions removed and, I guess as evidence, showed several photos of a very flexible, nude woman.

The cop and class of delinquents changed to a professor and a college writing course. We talked about the photos and the idea of bunions for a bit, and then the professor gave an assignment. I misheard, and spent some time thinking about Jeanette, a girl who could not deal with pain and had to be knocked out for even the slightest medical procedure. When she went in to have her bunion taken care of, she had a reaction to whatever they gave her, and she stripped off her clothes and danced around the waiting room.

My friend was sitting behind me, but when I looked at his paper it was covered in columns filled with various words. I believe the assignment had been to take all the bulletin posts and separate out all the nouns, verbs, etc. It was busy work. My friend even said, “We [the class] haven’t done anything for the past half-hour.” I was in a bit of a panic because I couldn’t follow the logic of what my friend had done and there wasn’t enough time to just copy it. So I wrote a note to the professor saying I had misheard the assignment and had worked on a story. I gave the basic outline as above, and said I’d email it to him once I finished it.

Then I woke up. Not only did I have an idea for a story (I’m sure I can make something of a drugged out, naked, dancing woman) but also an idea for a blog as well.


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