And I thought I was doing pretty well

I had a filing cabinet jammed full of my published stories. I did shuffle things around in my other filing cabinets so I would have some room for new stories, but I figured I would need to get another one. Whether I had room in my apartment for one, I wasn’t so sure.

Anyway, a few months ago where I work there was some remodeling of some of the offices. We have had desks, bookshelves, and filing cabinets in the hallways ever since. I think some people are starting to get tired of that. For example, last week one lady was going around asking people if they needed a new desk. Outside her office, there was a filing cabinet with a sign saying, “Free to a good home.” I asked if it had to stay in the building, and her answer was basically, “Just get rid of it.”

Today at lunch a friend and I got it into my car (barely) and unloaded at my apartment. Now, the full filing cabinet has stuff piled on it and it is in a central location. I figured, instead of cleaning it off and moving it to the out-of-the-way corner of my bedroom, I’d just put the empty filing cabinet there and move the files over archiving them out of the way. Well, it turns out the filing cabinet from work is larger than the one I had. I didn’t think it was that much bigger, but I was wrong. So, I went from a filing cabinet packed full of published stories to a filing cabinet that’s 49% empty. It almost feels like I’ve halved my accomplishments.


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