It can pay to have numerous stories online

On Veterans Day I was trying to think of something to blog or tweet about. Then I remembered that last year I wrote a story. So I just tweeted “A story I wrote for last Veteran’s Day” with a link to the story. A few days later, I realized that I do have a Thanksgiving story as well as several Christmas stories.

I was just getting around to the idea of going through all my stories online to see what I have to work with, when I read a news report that vaguely reminded me of a story I wrote a few months ago, so I tweeted a comparison.

Reusing stories by tweeting links to them a year or more after they’ve been published means more people will read my writing without me having to write more stories. And since I have so many stories online covering various subjects, I have a lot to choose from. It’s doubtful tweeting the link to one of my old stories will lead to a major break for me, but it will be one more way for me to get my name and work out there.


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