The Invisible Cliff

The Invisible Cliff is a scifi tway (Twitter play) I will be performing on May 16, 2009, starting about 2:00 PM, Eastern, and running for roughly two hours. The format of the play is that in a world of Twitter, YouTube, and blogs, there are also AIs. For reasons that aren’t immediately clear, all the AIs in the world shut down within moments of each other. There are five “characters” in the tway – InvisibleCliff, Emlen6, 2kwel4u, 1972Wolfe, and i8usernames – who tweet what information they have been able to gather as well as speculate on what happened. Along the way they link to two YouTube videos of news updates, a blog I’ve set up for a fictitious organization – Genesis 2:7 Organization, and an article on a “news” website that finally explains what happened.

I will warn you that the tway starts slowly. In the first twenty minutes there are four tweets, but once it gets going there is about a tweet a minute. There is a chance this could be an interactive tway. If people comment and if I can incorporate it, that’s great. The one restriction I have is that you don’t make up “facts.” You can add your two cents in speculating what happened, but don’t try to spice things up by “reporting” the AI in your hometown was taken out by a SWAT team, because that doesn’t fit The Invisible Cliff, at all.

There are several ways to enjoy the tway. After I perform it – and veg for awhile – I’ll put up the script on my website. (If there is any interaction, I’ll include it.) If you’re Twitter savvy you can follow the five characters (that’s why I linked to them above), just refresh your page every few minutes. If you don’t have a Twitter profile, I’ve set up an audience profile. Just go to Twitter, and sign in. The username is icaudience and the password is audience. This profile only follows the five characters and if you refresh the page every few minutes, you’ll see all of their tweets. Now, I’m not expecting thousands of people to watch this, but I do wonder how many people can open a profile before it gets screwy. So, if are Twitter savvy, I ask you to follow them with your profile or set up your own audience profile and leave icaudience for the non … twitites?

I’m going to spend this week just polishing things up, and I can’t wait to finally get this project behind me.


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