N is for Nature

I like to take walks. Somehow, walking lets my mind wander in ways it can’t when I’m sitting before a computer. But for my mind to truly wander, I need to be alone. If a couple of mothers pushing strollers go by on my walk, or if some guy is yakking on a phone, it messes with my … zone. (I can’t think of a better word.) So I tend to walk around my apartment complex around midnight. On my walks I see brick buildings, hear cars rushing by on the highway, or sometimes the occasional train rumbling by, so my thoughts tend toward the technical.

I went home to the family farm for Easter, and took a walk. I much prefer walks at home because I can go during the day and there’s nobody around. All I hear is the wind rustling the grass, birds chirping, and the rare car going by so I know I’m not the only human left. My thoughts while walking at home are more basic, primal, elemental.

I believe that writers should try different styles, or genres because it strengthens their writing. I also believe that writers should be inspired by different things – the technical walks around my apartment complex and the element walks at home in nature. I know that neither is “better” than the other, but I do know which one I prefer.



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