L is for Linkage

About ten years ago, I started writing “Empty Calories for the Soul,” a story about a down on his luck pizza delivery guy named Felix. One day while grocery shopping, Felix comes across a box marked “The Meaning of Life,” and he learns a lesson. (Do you want me to give the whole story away? :P) Almost a year ago, after numerous rejections and revisions, “Empty Calories for the Soul” was finally published.

Five or six years ago I started a different story, “Duty.” The blurb I came up for this was, “Who cleans up the mess when the time machine malfunctions?” After numerous rejections and revisions, “Duty” is still without a home.

Now, the reason I told you about these two very different stories, is that they are linked. A few years ago when revising “Duty,” I added a chapter where one of the main characters orders a pizza. I thought it would be really funny if Felix delivered it. At first I figured it would just be an Easter Egg for fans of my writing. But the more I thought about it, the more comforting it became. I’ve written several stories following the same characters (See Tom and Jeremy) but this is different. It feels like an element of consistency through my writing. Not only are “Empty Calories for the Soul” and “Duty” different genres and styles, they also represent two different stages of my writing. I see “Empty Calories for the Soul” as an example of my first phase of writing, whereas “Duty” – especially since I’m still working on it – is an example of my current phase. I don’t know how else to say it, but the linkage is soothing.

After I added Felix to “Duty,” I figured that every pizza delivery guy I write about has to be him. Unfortunately, few of my plots need a pizza delivery guy. However, last year Felix did make a cameo in “Explore the Future.”

So, what does the future hold for Felix? Well, as I was thinking about this post, I couldn’t help but wonder what Felix is up to these days. Did he finish college? Did he ever ask Robyn out? Is he still delivering pizzas? One of these days, I’ll have to sit down and continue his tale. It’s funny that a character I first wrote ten years ago is still with me. I guess some links aren’t meant to be broken.


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