The Invisible Cliff further explained

The Invisible Cliff is a scifi tway (Twitter play) I’m working on. What am I planning on doing? Over the next few months I will try to get as many people as I can to follow my InvisibleCliff Twitter profile. Once I have everything ready, I’ll announce when the tway will begin, probably a Saturday afternoon. People who follow InvisibleCliff will see him narrating a story – using tweets – about an event going on in his world. Some of the tweets will be retweets from other profiles I’ll set up and some will be links to YouTube clips I need to con some of my friends into making. It could even be interactive, depending on what my followers tweet about. Probably about two hours after it begins, the truth will be revealed and as part of it InvisibleCliff will link to a a fake, news webpage I’ve started designing that will have the full story.

Basically, to anyone watching InvisibleCliff’s profile, the first twenty-thirty minutes will be kinda boring, as there will only be three or four tweets that will just let you know that something odd is going on in his world. Then there will be links to YouTube videos which will give some background material, leading up to a flood of tweets with people speculating about what is going on – this is where there could be participation from the audience. And then there will be the reveal, which I hope will be interesting and thought provoking.

If this sounds weird, well, it is. But I think it could work, I just have to sit down and hammer out all the writing. Joy.


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