H is for Handwriting


My handwriting sucks, as the above photo – the handwritten version of what you are now reading – shows. The biggest reason I believe is speed. If I take my time, I can form fairly legible letters. The problem is that my brain thinks faster than I can write. Also, what I write (even things like this) I usually think out ahead so I can have a good idea what the next several sentences or paragraphs will be, and I push my hand to get it all down before I forget it.

For very brief periods of time I’ve thought about those programs that turn speech into printed words, but there’s several problems with that. For one, I hate people who talk on their cell phones in public. If I started dictating stories, I’d deserve to be drug through the streets. Plus, what if I was writing a story about robots taking over the world. Can you imagine the looks I’d get if I was sitting in a quiet bookstore screaming, “Kill all humans” into a microphone? Besides, my speaking voice is akin to my handwriting; quiet, mumbled, flummoxed.

I guess I’ll stick with my almost illegible handwriting. For now at least it won’t get me drug off to a padded room.


3 Responses to “H is for Handwriting”

  1. I have the same problem with my handwriting. Most of my creative time is spent away from the computer. Plus, I love the act of physically writing.

    I think most people think faster than they can write, and those who don’t, probably shouldn’t be writing anything for public consumption anyway. When I write, I’m thinking, re-thinking, editing, and polishing as my hand catches up to my mind. Then, as I type it up, I’m editing again.

    However, my handwriting sucks, and I hate re-typing what I’ve already finished writing, so most of my stories are still scattered about in various notebooks.

  2. alexandracoulter Says:

    I have to say, I have the same problem. I’m thinking seriously of doing something about it because I have lost wonderful thoughts, quotes, ideas because I couldn’t read my handwriting! Interviewing people or just capturing an idea for a piece. I do love the feel of pen on paper and, I believe it was Natalie Goldberg who said, it connects the pen to the heart when you write by hand. But what good is it if no one can read it?

  3. Gretchen Says:

    I do all my “creative” writing by hand, then type it into the computer. I usually edit on the computer, but it depends — sometimes the computer page just feels too cramped, too confining for major re-writes. I prefer letting the words flow from me to the paper without some “damn infernal machine” in between!
    At one point several years ago, my wrists were bothering me from too much time at a keyboard, and we invested in some dictating software. During the training period, the software translated “Lead us not into temptation” into “Lead us into decapitation” — and tried to translate my hoots of laughter into words! (It had the endearing practice of responding to incomprehensible sounds with “???”)
    Then I started work on my novel about Ancient Greece….>Sigh< That’s when I threw up my hands and gave up on the software.

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