A potential first

Today, Saturday, January 24, 2009, marks the first time – at least the first time I remember – I spent seven days in a row going to either a coffee shop or a bookstore to order an Earl Grey and work on my writing. Why is this important? Are you’re reading a blog for important thoughts? Anyway, I have a hard time revising or critiquing work when I’m home; there are too many distractions, like the internet and TV. I need to get away from all of that to really get some work done. This week I’ve worked on my novel, revised old stories, worked on a new story, and written up several blog entries. All good. But a problem comes in when I get home and don’t feel like turning my scribbled pen strokes into clean words on a screen. That’s why I started this blog the way I did. I’ll have to type it up when I get home.

I wonder how long I can keep up this daily writing over tea? Is it possible to tire of Earl Grey? I think I’ll have to find out.


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