A tad depressing

Over the years I’ve had a few computer mishaps where I have lost stories. I think in all the cases I’ve had printouts I could type up again, but I have been a tad nervous about the possibility of something happening to my computer and loosing everything. So tonight I finally got around to buy myself a USB Drive.


The depressing part is that once I loaded all of my stories and a copy of my website onto it, I still had room left. A lot of room.


I guess it’s a case of too much storage space, too little to store. I’ll have to work on that.


One Response to “A tad depressing”

  1. stateofprotest Says:

    If I’m not wrong in my math, 181 megabytes = 185,344 kilobytes, and each kilobyte is a single character or space in a document (plus or minus a bit for metadata and formatting crap).

    Subtract about 2 megs to account for your website html/otherstuff (not sure if you saved that or just the text), a few more for metadata and coding, and let’s just say you’ve written 180,000 characters/spaces of actual text. The average English word length is about 5 letters. Add another for a space, and use 6. That’s at least 30,000 words.

    That’s basically right at the low end of a full novel’s worth of words – a novella, at minimum.

    So, you’ve written your first novel. How do you feel? Ah, ready to start another? Great!

    Nothing to be depressed about. At least you were smart enough to find a way to keep it all. (You should also get another backup device and keep it safe and separate).

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