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November 2008 Newsletter

Posted in Newsletter on November 27, 2008 by oneoveralpha

Each month I write up a little newsletter about my writing. I usually do it at the end of the month, but I’m getting ready to head home and I won’t be back until December, so I thought I should get this sent out.

Happy Thanksgiving,



Posted in Writing on November 24, 2008 by oneoveralpha

On Saturday I went to have my oil changed and other maintenance before driving some 600 miles in the next week. It took a couple of hours but I walked around the mall and brought some magazines to read. But I didn’t want to start a long story or go for another walk when they were nearly done, so I ended up sitting in the waiting room watching Jane and the Dragon. I guess they keep the TV in the waiting room on the kids channel to help control any kids. Anyway, the sound was low and there were some technical difficulties so it kept fritzing out, but I gathered the basics of the show: there’s this girl and she has a dragon as a friend. Not knowing the back-story (until I looked it up online) I didn’t know if the dragon was the family pet or what. And that got me thinking. Why would a dragon be someone’s pet? A minute or two later, I had the general outline for the beginning of a fantasy tome. A thousand years ago (in this world of dragons, not 1008) the dragons were feared and did as they pleased. So there was a war between the dragons and the humans with the help of wizards. The dragons were tricked and defeated, and as punishment a spell was put on them to be dumb brutes. The head families took dragons to guard their castles. Generation after generation (of humans, dragons live for thousands of years) the war and the true nature of the dragons is forgotten, except by the wizards. The big moment comes when someone, for some reason, breaks the spell. I don’t know what happens after that. Do the dragons – the same ones who were tricked into loosing the war – take revenge, or have their years of imprisonment taught them humility?

The reason I titled this post “Cursed” is that this is a fun idea, but it is a safe bet that I will never have the time to write it. It’s probably every few months that I’ll come up with a really great idea, but I have to toss it aside because I already have ideas for over a hundred novels and – at best – I’ll only be able to write a fraction of them. Maybe I should have labeled this post “Ideas for sale.” Hmmm.

One week left

Posted in Stories on November 20, 2008 by oneoveralpha

To vote on which story I’ll finish as part of my Reader’s Choice. Over the years I’ve started several stories but for whatever reason never got around to finishing them. So I picked five stories I never finished and set up a place where you can vote on them. I’ll finish the winner and put it up on my page as a year-end present to all of my fans. Since I’m going home for a few days for Thanksgiving, I’ll end the voting early Thanksgiving morning. I’ll take home whatever I already have of the story and start working on it.

“Wandering Fingers”

Posted in Stories on November 20, 2008 by oneoveralpha

Each week I write a story and put it on my website. The story for this week is “Wandering Fingers” which is a direct result of my decision to start this blog and do other things to increase my web presence. If I spend time doing this, when will I have time to write? Will my novels and stories get lonely without me?

A New Start

Posted in Odds on November 19, 2008 by oneoveralpha

Last night I went to a lecture on Social Networking for Writers by Jonathan Maberry which he gave to the Brandywine Valley Writing Group. Afterwards, I started putting some of his comments into practice. Part of it was having a blog to showcase everything writing, from the books you read to the stories your sending out. Now, I had my Prince of Pithy’s blog which had some things dealing with writing, but there is other stuff there. So I decided I should start another blog that deals only with writing. Thus, my oneoveralpha’s Writing blog was born.

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